Vera Novakova, violon – Maki Belkin, piano

Suite Italienne / Duo Concertant / Divertimento

Vera Novakova, violin et Maki Belkin, piano

Igor Stravinsky (1882-1971) : Suite Italienne pour violon et piano, Duo Concertant pour violon et piano, Divertimento pour violon et piano

The violinist Vera Novakova had already graced the 2008 edition of the Festival du Printemps des Arts with her intelligence and sensitivity. Continuing this happy relationship, her new recording, entirely dedicated to Stravinsky (whose chamber music performers too often neglect) is revelatory. Keeping her bearings in the mosaic of styles Stravinsky works with, she brings an immediate and luminous freshness to music that is meant to be playful, lively and colorful – be it in the Suite italienne and the virtuoso Duo concertant (both 1932) or in the Divertimento (Stravinsky’s own transcription of his 1928 ballet The Fairy’s Kiss). The close rapport between the violinist and her pianist Maki Belkin brings every detail of these scores to light.

  1. Suite italienne: I. Introduzione
  2. Suite italienne: II. Serenata
  3. Suite italienne: IV. Tarantella
  4. Pulcinella: Gavotta
  5. Pulcinella: Scherzino
  6. Suite italienne: Minuetto et finale
  7. Duo concertant: Cantilène
  8. Duo concertant: Eglogue I
  9. Duo concertant: Eglogue II
  10. Duo concertant: Gigue
  11. Duo concertant: Dithyrambe
  12. Divertimento: Sinfonia
  13. Divertimento: Danses suisses
  14. Divertimento: Scherzo
  15. Divertimento: Pas de deux. Adagio
  16. Divertimento: Pas de deux. Variation
  17. Divertimento: Pas de deux. Coda

Durée totale : 56’25”

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