Beatrice Berrut, piano

Beatrice Berrut has already recorded a selection of Franz Liszt solo piano works (2017) and, with orchestra, the two Concertos and Totentanz (2018). The Swiss pianist (a Bosendörfer artist) presents a new Liszt album, devoted to late works, with which the aged virtuoso bade farewell to life. These pieces, written at the very end of Liszt’s life, move us by their bare style, their avoidance of excess and the total absence of grand climaxes. Liszt gives us a retrospective view of both life and his favored instrument, the piano, writing music that is by turns austere, deeply nostalgic or of marvelous delicacy, flowing from a vein devoid of all struggle, all showiness and even all salvation.


1. La lugubre gondola I, S. 200 – Andante
2. La lugubre gondola II, S. 200 – Andante mesto, non troppo lento
3. 3 Odes funèbres, S. 112 – 1. Les morts. Lento assai
4. 3 Odes funèbres, S. 112 – 2. La notte. Lento funebre
5. 3 Odes funèbres, S. 112 – 3. Le triomphe funèbre du Tasse. Lento
6. Bagatelle sans tonalité, S. 216a – Allegretto mosso
7. 2 Csárdás, S. 225 – 1. Csárdás. Allegro
8. 2 Csárdás, S. 225 – 2. Csárdás obstiné / Hartnäckiger Csárdás – Presto
9. Csárdás macabre, S. 224 – Allegro
10. Trauervorspiel und Trauermarsch, S. 206 – I. Andante lugubre
11. Trauervorspiel und Trauermarsch, S. 206 – II. Einleitung.
Andante maestoso funebre – Marsch
12. Am Grabe Richard Wagners pour piano seul, S. 202 – Sehr langsam

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