Doulce Memoire

Denis Raisin Dadre, artistic director

Le Printemps

This is the first time that Le Printemps (1603) by Claude Le Jeune has been given such a facelift! The masterpiece of musique mesurée à l’antique (Renaissance music written to meters similar to those supposedly used in the ancient world) here finds itself shorn of all heaviness and monotony. The exceptional work of Denis Raisin-Dadre, in collaboration with prosody historian Olivier Bettens, aims to revitalize this polyphonic music, thanks to a greater rhythmic flexibility based on possibilities present in the text. They also makes use of the pronunciation of old French. The final touch in this extraordinary restoration is the addition of a quartet of “columnar recorders”, to subtly color the vocal polyphony with the unusual timbre of these instruments – which together sound like a small organ.

  1. Revecy venir du Printans
  2. Je soupirois
  3. Voicy le verd et beau May
  4. Prélude de harpe – Anthoine Francisque (Le trésor d’Orphée – 1600)
  5. O Rôze reyne dés fleurs
  6. Plantons le may
  7. Francine, rôzine
  8. Comment pensés vous que je vive
  9. Si Jupiter s’avizoit
  10. Brunelette, joliette
  11. Branle de Poitou – Anthoine Francisque (Le trésor d’Orphée – 1600)
  12. La béle gloire
  13. Ces amoureus
  14. Cigne je suis de candeur
  15. Perdre le sens devant vous
  16. L’un émera le violet

Durée totale : 63’58”

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