4pm – Salle Empire, Hôtel de Paris


Unique in its genre, the Schoenberg’s String Quartet no. 2 (1907-1908) introduces a soprano voice in the last two movements, singing verses by the poet Stefan George. With this work, the human voice leaves the operatic stage to enter the intimate world of chamber music. Anna Maria Pammer is one the few singers who feel able to tackle this poetic score, so perilous is it in requiring the soloist to soar in vertiginous registers. In its version for string sextet, the romantic Verklärte Nacht (1899) here feels like a “chamber symphonic poem”.

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Photo / Quatuor Zemlinsky ©Ilona Sochorová

Arnold Schönberg
Quatuor à cordes n°2 en fa dièse mineur, op. 10 (avec soprano)
Verklaerte Nacht, op. 4 (version pour sextuor à cordes)

Zemlinsky Quartet
Anna Maria Pammer, soprano
Michal Kaňka, cello
Josef Klusoñ, viola