4pm – Auditorium Rainier III
Oceanographic Museum


At the end of the Great War, Schoenberg founded the Society for Private Musical Performances, under which umbrella he organized performances (in transcriptions for small ensemble) of new works by himself and his pupils as well as some most recent modern European works. He also strove to find new orchestrations for revisiting Viennese heritage works – by Johann Strauss and others. This was the birth of the instrumental ensemble dedicated to new compositions, of which the Ensemble intercontemporain can consider itself a worthy successor.

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Photo / Matthias Pinstcher ©Franck Ferville

Arnold Schönberg
Cinq pièces pour orchestre (réduction pour orchestre de chambre du compositeur), op. 16
Johann Strauss
Rosen aus dem Süden, transcription d’Arnold Schönberg pour piano, harmonium et quatuor à cordes, op. 388
Johann Strauss
Kaiser Walser, arrangement d’Arnold Schönberg pour flûte, clarinette, quatuor à cordes et piano, op. 437
Arnold Schönberg
Symphonie de chambre n°1, pour quinze instruments solistes opus 9

Ensemble intercontemporain
Matthias Pintscher, direction